Frequent coughing and coughing “attacks”, and persistent throat clearing are commonly associated with an underlying respiratory condition. Clinical research and practice however have identified that some patients, particularly those not responding to medical intervention for a respiratory cause, benefit from the involvement of a speech pathologist to identify and support additional factors which may be causing laryngeal irritation. These factors can include:

  • GORD (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disorder)
  • Environmental Irritants (e.g., dust, smoke)
  • Aspiration of food/fluid
  • Vocal cord dysfunction, in particular Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion (PVFM)

Our clinical expertise at Evolve Speech Pathology allows us to support this specific patient group, with aim to reduce these often irritating and impacting coughing events and improve our patients quality of life and laryngeal health.